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Another Set Sesame Seed Roasting Machine Sold To Bulgaria

Sesame Seed Roasting Machine Bulgaria
Another set sesame seed roasting equipment was sold to Bulgaria. Recently days, many nuts machines were sold to Bulgaria, like sesaem roaster, sesame tahini grinder, etc. For this roaster machine, it has energy-saving infrared gas sesame roaster machine is developed by our company, currently the most energy saving baking machine, and this roaster equipment is mainly used in peanut, sesame, food and other granular material of baking. Bake for hundreds of kilograms of the material only need 1.5 KG liquefied petroleum gas, the machine can use all sorts of combustion gas as fuel, baked products taste pure, raw materials in the drum by the spiral advancing, form a continuous cycle, heating evenly, effectively ensuring the quality of baking. With automatic temperature control, roasted evenly, high yield, no pollution, multi-use, etc. 

Sesame Roaster Machine Bulgaria


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