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How to Wash Vegetables, Which Machines are needed?

2021-08-26  By  diana
Clean vegetable processing has recently attracted a lot of attention, especially the process of clean vegetable processing and the equipment required. Many people who are interested in this industry are paying attention to the trend of this industry and what is needed in this industry. Then the process of clean vegetable processing is How was it? What equipment is needed for vegetable washing?
Vegetable Washing Machine
1. Clean vegetable processing flow
The general process of clean vegetable processing is to process vegetables from the beginning into the goods required by the customer, which specifically requires the following processing steps.
1. Material selection: Simple classification is carried out according to the nature of the product and the appearance of the product. Generally, the product can be divided into one, two and three levels, and the first-level materials are generally used as raw materials for clean vegetable processing.
2. Material pretreatment: Generally, it is cooling treatment. According to the characteristics of the product, the product is cooled naturally or mechanically, and the product is processed at this low temperature.
3. Cleaning: The cleaning process is very important, the purpose is to clean some drugs, silt and so on on the surface of vegetables.
4. Pre-cooking: Vegetables: 0.5% citric acid is added to the water in a ratio of 1:3 and continuously stirred. For tubers and rhizome products, the pre-cooking temperature needs to be 95℃~100℃, and the time is about 45-50 seconds.
5. Cooling: The cooling of the product is generally in the form of flowing water or cold air. Products that are not cold are easy to change color.
6. Disinfection: Clean and disinfect the cut product again to reduce microbial contamination on the product and prevent oxidation of the product.
7. Color protection: On the one hand, color protection is to ensure product quality. There are many factors that affect the discoloration of vegetables, such as the activity of phenol oxidase, the concentration of phenolic compounds, pH, and temperature.
8. Dewatering treatment: usually use a centrifuge for dewatering, the centrifuge speed and dewatering time should be appropriate.
9. Packaging: There are many packaging methods for clean vegetables, depending on the situation of each company, but there must be product information on the packaging.
10. Sealing: The vacuum degree is close to 0.1 MPa when sealing, and the sealing should be tight to ensure the quality of the product and the storage time.
11. Aseptic room control: weighing, bagging and sealing are carried out in the aseptic operation room.
12. Finished product storage: generally stored in a low temperature environment.
2. What equipment is needed for clean vegetable processing?
If the processed products of clean vegetables are divided into two categories, leafy vegetables and bulbs, the required equipment is also divided into two categories. The details are as follows.
1. Leafy vegetable processing production line:
Leafy vegetables generally do not need to be peeled and need to be cut and cleaned. Therefore, the equipment required for leafy vegetables includes a single-layer picking table, a large vegetable cutting machine detachable elevator, a vortex cleaning machine and a vortex cleaning and disinfection slagging machine. Belt conveyor air dryer, unpowered roller conveyor, etc.
2. Bulb processing production line:
Bulb products are different from leafy vegetables, but they all need a single-layer picking table. Bulbs also need a brush cleaning and peeling machine, a hoist, a shredder and dicing machine and a hoist, a vortex cleaning and disinfection slagging machine and a mesh belt conveyor Air dryer, unpowered roller conveyor, etc.
The above is the equipment required for the two categories of clean vegetable processing, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the enterprise, for reference only.
To sum up, the above are some processes of clean vegetable processing, the main purpose is to ensure the quality of the products and improve the good products for consumers. The equipment required for clean vegetable processing can be roughly divided into two categories, leafy vegetables and bulbs, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the enterprise. Before entering this industry, the entrant must have a good understanding of relevant information.


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