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About Egg Tart Processing Machine

2017-12-15  By  alex

Egg cell tart (Egg cell Tart), is a type of egg pie made in a stuffing of your Traditional western-fashion pie; Taiwan called the tart, "tart" will be the English language "tart" transliteration, which means tooth fillings revealed pies (in accordance with the top (Pie); the egg tart will be the egg tart since the filling from the "tart". The training would be to placed the pancake in to a little rounded basin-formed pancake mildew, poured into the combination of sugar and eggs through the egg cell slurry, after which to the oven; baked egg cell tart outer crunchy skin, inside For that wonderful yellow coagulation of egg cell white. At the outset of the restaurant's egg cell tarts are fairly large, an ovum tart can become an afternoon tea dinner.
According to customer's requirement, this egg tart presss machine can press 36 pieces egg tart per minute, it is very easy to make egg tart shell using this new version Egg Tart Processing Machine.. The set rotating speed before it leaves the factory, even though the press capacity doesn't depend on the mould of egg tart. The spinning speed is not really adjustable.
The voltage of this equipment is 220v, 50 Hz, individual phrase. If the voltage of customer can not fit, can choose buy one transverter, the voltage can not be changed. Machine material: 202 stainless steel casing, turntable is aluminium, the base perish is teflon, plunger 304, the very best die bronze, bearings are all imported from China. Solid wood box product packaging size and weight: .68 * .8 * .8 m (measurements), 150 kg. We advise our customer select this device (36pieces/minutes), just for this variety matches the synthetic serving greatest. We can also customize for you, but for the artificial feeding cann't meet the rotating speed of large capacity, if you want large capacity.


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