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French Fries Frying Machine for Sale

2018-01-27  By  diana
Fried French fries has always been a popular food for young and old, which can't be separated from French fries frying machine. Today, I will tell you about the unique design of GELGOOG machinery gas frying pipeline. GELGOOG brand automatic frying pipeline is divided into three types: electric heating frying assembly line, coal-burning oil production line, gas frying assembly line, heat-conducting deep-fried assembly line, electromagnetic deep-frying assembly line. GELGOOG brand automatic frying line is divided into computer automatic frying line, electric control of the oil production line, automatic frying line.
French Fries Frying Machine
The gas French fries frying machine body adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, the external heat exchanger and built-in heat exchanger heat in two ways, and Fried with oil-water mixture and pure oil filtering process, applicable to medium and small Fried food processing enterprises. The Fried French fries not only have amazing color, aroma and taste, but also has a clean and beautiful appearance without black residue, and it improves the product quality and lengthens the shelf life. Efficient dedust removing system, fully automatic frying pipeline to make coal pollution-free, so that the real energy conservation and environmental protection.
Full-automatic French fries frying line adopts double mesh belt conveying food, mesh belt with frequency control of motor speed, automatic Fried line users according to the different of the Fried food to adjust. The transmission speed of the mesh belt is equipped with high efficiency burner, the automatic French fries frying machine is quick and the production efficiency is high. The electric lifting system used in the food frying pipeline is convenient for the workers to clean and maintain the machine. Automatic exhaust fume system ensures a good working environment for workers. The constant temperature continuous production of food Fried line ensures the consistency of the frying temperature of the food
Above is advantages and unique continuous French fries frying machine of GELGOOG, fully automatic frying line can be customized according to the customer the product process Fried professional design, custom-made hotline +8618595717505 manager Zhang(WeChat synchronization)


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