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Wafer Biscuit Processing Line in Canada

Canadian customer inqu
iried about our wafer biscuit production line several months ago. We are now in customer's factory for after sale installation,Montréa
l,Canada.Wafer biscuit is one of the most popular biscuits, which imported from abroad to China, and has been one of rapid development of a leisure food in this 10 years. Between the porous structure of the sheet cake and pie slices, sandwich fillings multilayer sandwich crackers h
aving an inlet facilitation features.
Due to production techniques are 
usually the introduction of foreign equipment in the domestic operations management, there are some minor problems. However, although a higher degree of automation biscuit production, but in the production process caused by physical, chemical and microbial contamination can still be affected by various factors. To ensure the quality of health products, we must take preventive control.
Usually saltine crackers production process for the processing of raw materials baking → fight paste stuffed freezer cooling → inspection dicedInspection → product packaging.


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