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Complete Line For Processing French Fries?

french fries plantHave you ever thought how french fries are made when you enjoy this delicious fries?When snack shop frying french fries, in fact they use the frozen french fries bought from french fries factory or super market. Then, how to make frozen french fries?

Check out our Frozen French Fries Processing Machine,which can finish the whole process automatically from the raw potatoes processing to the final packaging.

frozen french fries
First, washing peeling fresh potatoes, ready for use;
Second, when the washed potatoes enter sorting line, the bad ones will be removed;
Third, at the cutting machine, cut potatoes into strips(can be slices by changing the cutting blades);
Fourth, blanching, after blanching, the potatoes strips can keep its original color;
Fifth, Dewatering. Through vibrating, remove the excess water;
Sixth, go on frying process. Our water-oil separation type frying machine is of stainless steel 304, and can extend the service lif eof oil;
Seventh, de-oiling process. Also through vibrating, the oil will be removed from fried french fries;
Eighth, cooling the french fries;
Ninth, send the french fries to cold storage;
Last, packing. These french fries are packed for transport.


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