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Chin Chin Snack Making Machine Picture

Chin Chin is a fried snack from West Africa and is nowadays very popular in many places around the world. It is a crunchy fried dough of wheat flour and some other baking ingrediens. In West Africa, Chin Chin usually contains cowpeas flour, and ground nutmeg is often added flavor. Some producers also created flavours including cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and chili pepper.
Parents package it for their children to eat at school during lunch breaks,and adults have it with cold soft drinks,juice or water both in the office and while traveling.
Many Nigerians do not venture into chin-chin business alone;they often combine it with other snacks like buns, puff-puff, cake, egg roll,pizza, sausage roll,meat pie, fish pie,etc
If you wish to go into chin-chin making business, you must carry out a study using the under-listed headings:
Capital. The most important factor to consider if you wish to produce and sell chin-chin in Nigeria.
Market. You are supposed to be close to a market if you wish to go into that business,to make sure that you can easily to get the raw materials for making it like flour,vegetable oil,sugar,etc
Customers. There must be a number of people living in that location.
While in conclusion, you must have plans on how to cover both short and far distance. And then, it's time to consider what machine do you use.
Chin chin making process:
Application: After mixing flour. put dough into machine hopper. it will automatic sheeting it first and then cut into different shape and size according to need. Idea automatic dough cutting machinery instead of tradditional manual cutting way.
GELGOOG offers newly designed Chin-chin Making Machine, for pressing and cutting into small cubes as you want. We can also offer you the perfect dough mixer, frying machine, de-oiling machine, flavoring machine and packing machine, all in one stop shop service. Low invest, high yield.


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