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Ways to Improve Validity of Sawdust Pellet Mill

2016-08-16  By  ALEX
Coke is simple to look on wall of boiler when biomass pellets are burned. According to this case, we get the specialized additive. This additive can alter the main aspects of ash element if being combined with straw pellets at certain proportion. Meanwhile, this additive can enhance the melting reason for ash to at least one,350℃ in the primary 900℃.

Biomass pellets don't have much opportunity to coke. How you can fully separate the tar element from biomass pellets? This issue is required to become solved. Like a supplier of saw dust pellet machine in Henan, China, GELGOOG China Machinery mainly adopts two technological measures. The first is prolonging the remaining period and yet another is making certain temperature in burner keep at 850℃. If upper finish of burner uses water-cooling while lower finish adopts wind-cooling, cooling wind will make up the rotational flow in furnace. If doing this, we are able to prolong the remaining duration of dust in burner. Besides, we are able to give a heat insulating layer on inner wall of burner. This effort can make sure the temperature in burner keep at 850℃ or greater. Meanwhile, tar volatile in straw could be separated out continuously. It's also a hard problem to resolve the big power biomass burner. Since traditional burner has bigger power, you can easily have issues like growing section of fire grate, uneven distribution of materials and unstable burning, etc. Technologies at this time are just workable for upgrading small-tonnage boiler.


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