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Rotor Drum Sesame Roasting Machine

2017-08-28  By  alex
Sesame is a good source of oil extraction and has been widely used in bakery and confectionery production. It is composed of 45%~50% of lipid, 5%~ 6% of moisture, 10%~15% of carbohydrate, 5%~6% of ash, 4%~5% of fiber and 15%~20% of protein. Raw sesame seed is in pale white or off-white. The scent of sesame is faint before being roasted with the sesame seed roasting machine. Roasting of sesame with sesame roasting machine would release the rich and nutty flavor of sesame.
Sesame Seed Roasting Machine
The multi-purpose sesame seed roasting machine is mainly used for peanut, sesame, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, eat beans, coffee beans, seeds and other granular materials, baking or drying. This sesame roasting machine is easy to use, high efficiency and energy saving, durable wait for an advantage. Baked products are of good quality and hygiene, taste is, all can achieve export standards.


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