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Maintenance of peanut peeling machine

2017-07-25  By  Tina
Peanut peeling machine, just as its name implies is to get rid of peanut hull machine, mainly by rolling and rub peeled peeled peanuts to achieve effect, applicable to all kinds of peanut, greatly improve the work efficiency.Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine
Performance: the advantages of long service life, high peeling rate, low half grain rate, stable performance, high efficiency and so on. Through the above introduction, it is necessary to understand the peanut peeling machine, then how to maintain the peanut peeling machine? Here is it.
First, when you are using Peanut peeling machine,you should always pay attention to the machine sound, temperature, rotate speed to check if they are normal, whenever a job completion shall timely inspect peeling machine of the bearings is overheated, each part of the fastening screws, a key pin is loose, if found the problem please immediately repair, especially high speed position.
Second, peanut peeling machine use triangular belt to send, After a certain period of time, the new triangle will be relaxed, it is a need to check the tightness of the belt of the peanut peeling machine and timely adjustment.
Third, peanut peeling machine in the hanging shaft and bearing should always be checked whether there is the lack of oil, once it occurred,timely replace oil.
Fourth, after the completion of the one year's processing operations,you should to deal with peanut peeling machine to carry out a large check on the damaged parts of the timely repair, cleaning the dirt and residual peanut peeling machine.
Fifth, after the use of peanut peeling machine, the belt should be removed and the peanut peeling machine placed in a dry warehouse for storage, the belt should be stored in a cool dry place to avoid damage.
Only to maintain our peanut peeling machine, it will give you a great value.


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