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The Requirements of Selecting Poultry Slaughter Equipment

2016-01-16  By  noaman
Poultry slaughter equipment is suitable for safety and environmental protection, to ensure the safety of production. According to the principles of ergonomics, considering the influence of equipment on the environment and the operator, high production stability, not to pose a risk to the operator. Supporting equipment to ensure complete, production and operation of simple and easy to clean and convenient maintenance, the final product to ensure compliance with food safety and health requirements.
Mainly consider the matching of the scale of production, adaptability, supporting the main equipment and the rationality of the auxiliary equipment, process technology to meet the requirements to ensure the quality of production and processing.
Poultry slaughtering equipment first selection and using in Shandong Wanhe head of health and safety, less environmental pollution, high technology content, good economic benefit, resource consumption low moderate scale slaughtering segmentation processing equipment, equipment of the national command to restrict and eliminate the ban selection and uses. Followed by the standards of advanced equipment and styling products to choose as far as possible and use, equipment and technical conditions, such as design, manufacture, installation, inspection and other, it is best to be the basis of the existing standards, methods, standards, and food safety standard constraints.


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