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China Traditional Red Chopsticks Production Process –Production and Skills

2016-01-16  By  jacob
Red chopsticks production skill has a strong heritage and flexibility and these also are the basic features handmade. Red Chopsticks Production is Works of art . Tools in its creation is indispensable. Appropriate tools, ingenious ideas, superb skills is the basis for the creation of red chopsticks. Red chopsticks shape required a considerable variety of tools. Which is the most used tool, followed by the Square, Square chopsticks artisans commonly used measuring tools, third scribing knife, scribing knife is commonly used in carpentry drag thread.

Planning wood is one of the small pieces of the basic skills of craftsmen. Before using the plane, first observe wood Nishun situation, not gouging. In the planning process, we should always adjust planer, planning the wood so that the situation is not always in the thick, not biased.

Red chopsticks creator according to different thoughts and ideas full of raw materials, according to material design, according to material drawn, because of material Shi Yi, the need to inherit and develop the traditional style of different dynasties, the production process is not only good enough for those who want to comply with the requirements, but also to maintain their individuality. From red chopsticks creative process, the blade is extremely important application, which part you want to keep moving to be carefully considered because it is part of the material should be the most aesthetic sense. Red chopsticks are characterized by structured. Because it is a small work, after device into, people always use it in the hands, you can find a little rough, so in the production of all aspects of employment are required.

The boxes are equipped with chopsticks production is often encountered happen with a good box is not easy. Box is red chopsticks daily production of the most important works. Box is a bottom drawer like consistency made or receptacle. Then how to make it a box? Red chopsticks box production very particular about the texture of the material beauty. Full use of natural materials, texture beauty, beauty of color, red chopsticks artist strongly pursuing. First, carefully observe, design stereotypes. While appropriate choice of materials, but also must pay attention to parts of the left material.

Skilled artists produced box set of chopsticks can be moving, which is reflected in their long-term operating experience, these experiences are art treasure in our culture an important part.


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