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China Traditional Red Chopsticks Production Process –Production of Varnishing

2016-01-16  By  jacob
Paint is a mucus-like coating. Liquid paint surface finish after a variety of objects at laccase (or heating) effect it contained alcohol liquid paint in the paint chemical role in the film formed on the surface of objects. If you add all kinds of pigment in paint solution, it will form various colored liquid paint. Paint can be divided into two major categories of artificial paints and lacquers, red chopsticks used mainly lacquers.

Workers make lacquer must first have the proper tools, we must first of its profits. Scraping paint, also known as "affair" or "corner copy" is an indispensable tool for painting. The main use is to paint gray, scraping paint gray, tone color paint and so on. Paintbrushes painted ornaments for the special brush, brush a lot of material, there are pony tail, oxtail, pig temples, human hair, and human hair for the best. Luo tube known as "powder barrel" used for powdering. That broom strokes "sweep pen", a large lacquer surface can remove dust, small can sweep gold and silver powder. Painting carving knife according to the different requirements of a variety of forms, straight knife, slice knives, rotary knife, double-edged knife, round knife, sharp knife and so on.

After red chopsticks woodworking process is complete, the most important thing is to mill workers. One for the former mill workers in two parts painted ornaments, polished wood on the works, after two painted decoration on the paint finish, push light.

Red chopsticks its actual operational procedures should be divided into two parts, one overall shape, namely woodworking part; the second is the overall decorative detail and beauty, namely painting section.

To the polished paint decorated, mainly rubbed bud, small particles and brush marks, so chopsticks works smooth as Kam. Polished finish on the main post Equisetum grass, leaves and lick sand bars, and lick the stick is the most important. Important conspicuous place particularly careful to be worn, non-significant places, such as the focus on the overall dark place, it will lag knot paint liquid paint finish after some details of the Department, to grind clear. Usually we often see very good opinion of the original works, a painting by the spirit lost, although it is painted ornaments improper reasons, but the main point is that it is not caused by mill workers home.

Lacquered chopsticks in order to accelerate the speed of drying, the oven is also useful, but must wait until the surface is dry before baking. The purpose is to make the film baked increase hardness, abrasion, oil and other solvents and increases paint adhesion. Lacquer drying mainly through oxidase effect, it is in the south of the climatic conditions, apricot season is the best time to paint decorations.


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