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Study on the mechanism of biomass solidification and the characteristics of the ring mould

2016-07-28  By  alex
Biomass curing forming equipment has been widely used in the field of energy utilization, and the ring mode straw briquette press, as a typical biomass curing forming equipment, has the advantages of high production efficiency and low investment. Combined ring mode is one of the key components of straw compression equipment. It is easy to wear and fatigue fracture failure, which seriously affects the service life of the equipment. Based on the analysis of biomass briquetting mechanism based on, in order to extend the life of the ring die as the goal, to ring die wear characteristics, structure parameters and fatigue properties were studied.

The main contents are as follows:
(1) in order to establish the material extrusion process of mechanical model on the analysis of the influencing factors of biomass briquetting mechanism and forming dense. The discussion is focused on the ring die conical surface hole of the pressure and the parameters of the relationship, and then forming energy consumption model is established based on the curing mechanism and mechanical model.
(2) for the combined ring die wear serious problem, carry out ring die wear tests, the mould wear mechanism and ring die into the feed inlet wear. The results show that ring feeding mode at the mouth of the wear mechanism of high crushing force three body abrasive wear.
(3) according to the theory of abrasive wear, the abrasive wear model of single abrasive grain entering the ring die and press roll gap is established, the line wear rate of the ring die and the roller surface is deduced, and the concrete measures for reducing wear are proposed according to the wear model.
(4) numerical simulation and structure optimization of different ring die cone angle and die hole shape parameters are carried out, the results show that the optimized ring model has better structural performance.
(5) for single ring mold structure, raised double ring mold discharging hole structure, and the of structure optimization and fatigue life analysis, found that the optimized double ring die can not only increase the yield of molding, structural properties are also improved.


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