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Air Flow Rice Popping Machine

2016-07-14  By  alex

Air Flow Rice Popping machine
 or Rice Puffing Machine is a grain puffing apparatus by puffing tanks, heating device, turning device, part of several security devices, damping device, rack, chassis and other components. Is based on the traditional fire pot puffing on technological transformation is made. And traditional small stream compared to puffing tank, production increased 4-6 fold safety factor is also greatly improved, while reducing operator labor intensity, reducing energy consumption. It has been found in rice, millet, wheat, barley, buckwheat, corn, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, beans and so long as the starch-containing material can be extruded.

Working Process: A certain amount of material put into the lid sealed steel tank body, the use of liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas or heating, and to a certain constant rotation speed of the tank, so that the material evenly heated, with the heating tank the temperature gradually increased, reaching more than 100 ℃, the surface material will escape the body of water and vaporized a certain pressure in the tank. When the material was charged with a moisture of about 5% to 8%, the pressure inside the tank will reach 0.8 ~ 1.25Mpa (different materials different pressure). At this time the material has been basically matured in the tank if the tank lid burst open by the sudden release of high temperature and pressure state down to room temperature and pressure, the material will be filled by the loss of the position of the air becomes larger, its structure changes, raw starch (β- starch) matured starch (α- starch), volume enlarged several times to ten times. That moment of instantaneous release bulging from the extruder outlet stream and the material and at the same time dramatically tearing the air, producing a loud noise, the sound of around 100 decibels.
Advantages of Air Flow Rice Popping Machine:
★ Large Output: We have 3 models, 40-50kg/h,60-80kg/h and 90-120kg/h for your selection.
★ Wide applications: rice, corn, wheat, barley, buckwheat, soybeans, black beans, whole grains, etc.
★ Labor saving: a skilled worker operably three, saving 20-30% than other stores machine
★ Double stove shorter heating time: 6 minutes once puffed corn
★ Safe and convenient operation: four security insurance, provincial monitoring, reduce labor intensity, user-friendly design, the workers easily operate.
★ Collect material more convenient, tilted 35 degrees to collect bits of material ejected
★ Low noise,small puffing sound.


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