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Selection of Slaughter Equipment

2016-01-12  By  noaman
Choosing slaughtering equipment , first from the point of view of slaughtering equipment principle of work, such as a poultry slaughtering equipment, it is important to by a dip hot pool, hair removal machine (vertical depilating machines and horizontal hair removal machine, according to the layout of the plant itself implementation options), spiral case of refrigerator.
Scalding pool important after blower hot external pools of water inrush current and poultry implement heating, through the motor propeller driven hot outside the pool water is pumped down,, scour, so hot pool at both ends of the local curvature is not easy too small, too small to affect poultry heating temperature, as should not be too large, the general should be between 140-150 degrees. Some manufacturers of the lower part of the propeller welded into a cone type, and some manufacturers welded into a three-dimensional, regardless of the shape, the distance should not be greater than 4 cm.
The front end of the pool T steel slope must be steep, or the implementation of consumption, from the upper to the chain, will be a certain impact on the front end of the hot pool, a long time, it will affect the life of sprocket.
From the hot pool, the next step would be to hair removal machine, whether hair removal machine for vertical or horizontal hair removal machine are after the motor drives the glue stick of poultry implementation of discontinuous alternate strokes, the hair will be knocked out, from the mouth out, so choose hair removal machine must pay attention to the quality of the glue stick, its hardware and software must be moderate, from appearance for the first time to see it, look at the glue stick interleaving can be the same, whether some glue stick and a glue stick between intervals too small. We must also pay attention to the external hair removal machine must add water equipment, avoid water from splashing, impact rolling shaft bearing life.
Would eventually spiral case of refrigerator, which literally important is on low temperature of front end process of poultry carry out cold, together deacidification, pre cooling of the rotor time shall not to pre cooler body friction, rotor may not occur deformation, fishing rake part for bearing must execute the double-sided welding. That is, of course, there are a lot of details, if you find in the purchase of any questions, we must ask reasons.


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