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Have you ever tried to make fried ice cream all by yourself?

2016-01-18  By  pierce
You have eat so much ice cream as you can since you are a little boy. I don’t doubt that. But I want to know if you tried to make the ice cream?  Of course, you have many excuses such as ” I don’t know how to make or  what kinds of materials I need”. Therefore, I’ll tell you how to make ice cream all by yourself.
1, Put the fresh milk to boil, and then mix the most hot milk with cocoa powder . then,  just wait for the second step.
2, Add the hot milk into the nuts sauce.
3,Pour the white granulated sugar into the egg yolk paste and mix them together, then add nuts and butter milk to the hot milk. Next, stir them.
4, Pour the boiled chocolate and milk slowly into the mixture of sugar and egg yolk, and stir the. When the temperature goes down, put them in the refrigerator.
Of course, you can buy some ice cream machine to assist you when you do this job. We can offer something you may need if you visit our website.
Fried Ice Cream


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