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Make Delicious Fried Ice Cream Your Way!

2015-12-17  By  Katherine

Stir-fried ice cream or  ice pan ice cream is an Asian method of ice cream production, commonly made in Thailand made on a teppan, or steel, grill, that is chilled to -35 °C. Food globalization makes stir-fried ice cream more and more popular all over the world. When making fried ice roll, pour the milk and juice in the pan with a wooden shovel kept turning, slowly becoming more viscous liquid pot, finally became ice mud. Put the fried ice roll in a transparent bowl, colorful, beautiful scene, simply works of art.
Fried ice roll can be added to different tastes and flavors, such as honey, beans, strawberries, bananas, green beans, pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit, ergot, corn, red beans, pineapple, papaya, etc., which are counted with a good fire was concentrated fried ice powder as raw material, milk and honey frying, but also put a few raisins or cherries.
Getting a perfect Fried Ice Cream Machine is the first step to make delicious dessert. Gelgoog Machinery produces various kinds of Fried Ice Cream Machine with different pans,compressor and power. 
Just get a wonderful machine,using soy or dairy milk poured onto the cold grill and mixed with fruit, green tea, coffee or other ingredients, chopping and stiring the mixture, make delicious fried ice cream your way! 


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