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How to Choose Good Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine?

2015-12-17  By  xuke
There are many kinds of organic fertilizer pellet machine. Extrusion, rolling, rotary type, fracture type, and so on, Which one  is better?

First to know what you want to do the fertilizer?Powder?Particles?Is a columnar grain? spherical particles? What is the raw material and how
much water and how much to invest? Only to suitable yourself that you can take the next step to choose the organic fertilizer granulator.

Each type of organic fertilizer granulator has its suitable range and the significance of its existence.Suitable is the best, Otherwise it can't reflect
their advantage.Organic fertilizer granulator with extrusion is made by mold pressing wheel rotation will squeeze the pillars material particles.
organic fertilizer pellet machine
That advantage is uniform particles, density, water content is low, good operation, easy maintenance, suitable for almost all the extrusion production
of organic fertilizer granules,Defect is high power consumption, yield is relatively low;Rolling organic fertilizer granulator is powder by the rotation
of the drum roll into a ball.Advantages of high output, low power consumption, production is simple, the disadvantage is that small density, moisture
content, particle uniformity is poor, large dust in the workplace;Rotary organic fertilizer pelleting machine using the rotation of the disc structure of
organic fertilizer granulator with flat powder made into spherical particles,Advantages between extrusion type organic fertilizer granulator and rolling
organic fertilizer granulator, suitable for high bonding, than the rotation of the major and high moisture raw material granules.

The embodiment of the best performance is to fine polishing the round columnar grain spherical particles.Advantage is to strengthen the shape of the
particles, reduce the number of particles relative moisture, balanced particles roundness and evenness, the disadvantage is that two unit, power on
the high side, slightly more programs.Broken class organic fertilizer granulator is refers to the raw materials or semi-finished products block granular
broken into small particles of organic fertilizer granulation.Advantages of high output, low power consumption, easy operation, defect is need to fit
the sizing screen.

Industry in other words, choose a rightness of, don't buy expensive. So you must find suits own organic fertilizer granulator is the best!
organic fertilizer pellet


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