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Maintenance of Vacuum Roll Kneading Machine

2016-01-20  By  noaman
As conditioning meat products are the most commonly used two kinds of equipment is a vacuum roll and salt water injection machine, here we make a simply introduction for vacuum roll kneading machine.
Vacuum roll kneading machine with hydraulic lifting type vacuum roll kneading machine peace type, from speaking there are two kinds of variable frequency speed control and speed control.
Hydraulic lifting vacuum roller machine is a hydraulic lifting system, the drum can be tilted out of the material, and some with automatic feeding device, automatic feeding, from the manual on the tedious, saving time. Improve the mixing machine production efficiency; save energy consumption; start a smooth, reduce the impact of the start of the machine, the extension of the service life of the equipment.
Use vacuum rolling and kneading machine can get to the following rural fruit: the pickling liquid in raw meat evenly absorbed; meat to enhance the binding force, improves the flesh elasticity; ensure meat slices, prevent sections generated when the broken gap; increase water retention, improve product rate; improve product the tender and stable structure.
Rolling during work and intermittent in tumbling cycle allows the meat to "rest" is very important. It is usually recommended to take 10, 15, or 20 minutes of work at the start of a 5 or 10 minute interval. And then according to the product type and the effect of adjustment to achieve. Because vacuum plays a very important role, some products need to be longer than the interval of the intermittent time.
Vacuum roll kneading machine is the most important function, the vacuum can ensure brine fast to meat loaf permeability, strong flow drying machine can clean bubbles in the meat. Due to expansion so as to achieve a certain vacuum to meat tenderness. The vacuum in the tank is usually pumped to a large pressure of 70% to 80%. If the vacuum degree is too high is counterproductive, because the meat in the condition of high vacuum in the water was pumped out. So the ideal state is 70% to 80%.
The ideal roll kneading machine should have a clear speed control (speed and direction), a timer (tumbling, intermittent and total time), vacuum control (pulse), temperature sensing and control (direct reading and liquid carbon dioxide injection) and controllable anti inflation adjustment, low maintenance and health requirements.
This is a vacuum roll kneading machine point of knowledge, but also hope to do meat processing of your help, if you have any question ,you can contact us ,we will give you more introduction and details for this machine.


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