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The best cube sugar machine in my heart

2016-01-21  By  pierce
What is the healthiest sugar?
I’ve been asked this question half a dozen times in recent weeks, so I think it’s time we had a little talk.
There’s plenty of confusion, hype, and crazy anecdotes surrounding sugar these days. Heck, it seems the type of sugar you eat even reflects on the kind of person you are (or perhaps just the type of persona you want to project).
It’s downright trendy to shun high fructose corn syrup (yup, I’m one of those “elitists,” but not for the typical reasons).  Then there’s agave (lauded by hippies and yuppies alike), honey (unless you’re a vegan), brown rice syrup (for those outdoorsy energy-bar types)…  well, the list goes on and on.
Before we talk about the various sugar options, a little background is in order. (Forgive the science stuff, but it’s kind of important.)
A Sugar Primer
There are six key types of dietary sugar molecules. Three are single sugars, called monosaccharides.
Glucose is the most common. It exists on its own, but is also the main building block of other sugars. It’s also the sugar that your body wants to use for energy (it’s often referred to as “blood sugar” or dextrose).
Fructose is the sugar most commonly in — you guessed it — fruit. Important to note, though, is that a piece of fruit contains both fructose and glucose, to varying degrees depending on the type of fruit.
The third relevant monosaccharide is galactose, which is found pretty much only in milk.
Which brings us to the disaccharides. They’re made from chemically-bonded pairs of the single sugars .
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