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First cube sugar in that morning

2016-01-20  By  pierce
Cube sugar machine can provide all kinds of cube sugar for us, no matter what shape of sugar what we want.
I woke up so all aflutter this morning, I half expected to see plane tickets to Paris on the nightstand. But then I realized that my morning butterflies were just preemptive insulin spikes resulting from my anticipation of the Grand Opening of much-missed The Sugar Cube food cart, the newest and sweetest addition to North Portland’s Mississippi Marketplace.
A couple weekends ago I popped by after a trip to the Big Egg, just to sniff around. According to Twitter, the cart wasn’t open yet, but I thought I’d see if darling owner Kir Jensen was inside experimenting, and better yet, might perhaps need a recipe tester.
That is what we do for the cube sugar machine.
“Hey Jen,” Kir said calmly when I poked my head in the open door. I was impressed. I hadn’t seen Kir since she’d closed her beloved Sugar Cube (which occupied a space in the SW Alder & SW 9th cart cluster) way back in February. “You have a great memory!” I told her, and she just smiled. “I have a knack for remembering faces,” she said.
Kir showed me around her pretty little cart (which, with its pink, white and brown stripes, resembles a slab of old-fashioned Neopolitan ice cream), proudly noting that it’s much bigger than the old one and has generous storage space in the form of gold-painted cupboards bejewled with chunky glass handles. She explained her plans to offer sweet favorites like her infamous cupcakes and brownies, along with a more sophisticated dessert menu, the contents of which she swore me to secrecy. Quite honestly, the dishes were so deliciously detailed and complex I doubt I could have recounted them if I tried.
In the end, I would stress the importance of cube sugar machine for the last time. Of course, you can find more in the website about the machine you may be interested in.


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