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Cube sugar machine can format a heart shape for the world

2016-01-20  By  pierce
The cube sugar is not only sweet but also can make you feel the flavor by its shape
So, what does one do when there are three feet of snow outside, the roads are completely impassible, the cupboard is getting bare, and your bored kids are about to go crazy from watching too many back-to-back episodes of I Carly and Hannah Montana?  Why, you make sugar hearts of course!
To begin, mix two cups of granulated sugar with some food coloring of your choice.  You can use liquid or powdered, but just be sure to mix it in very well.  Next, mix in 4 teaspoons of water or 4 teaspoons of reconstituted powdered egg whites into your sugar.  Water works just fine, but your sugar hearts will be much stronger if you use the egg whites.
The great thing about these sugar hearts is that they require only three or four ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry - sugar, water, food coloring and powdered egg whites (optional).
Now you are ready to make your sugar hearts.  If you have a candy mold, feel free to use it. None of my heart molds happened to be deep enough, so I just used regular cookie cutters.  Now, press the cutters straight down into the sugar and carefully release the shapes onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. If you find that the sugar isn't holding it's shape well, try adding a bit more water or egg white - but just don't over-do it or you'll get sugar mush!  Now, you can obviously make these in any shape you like - we decided to make some flower shapes in addition to our hearts.
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