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How to Use Peanut Picker Safely?

2015-12-21  By  serena
Maybe you have seen how peanut picker pick peanut from the plant, but do you know how to check and operate it safely?Here are some notice before you use it. 
1. Must be adjusted and repair before use. Former job, the operator of the picker need to conduct a comprehensive inspection to see if picking machine in good condition, the parts connecting bolts are tightened, each pulley is firmly installed, whether the collision friction pulley turned by hand phenomenon, picking part hobbing Have open welding and edentulous situation; hand turn roller gear shaft, observe the rotation is stable; check the transmission parts of the belt tensioner is reasonable; check whether the diesel engine running well; Check if the motor is operating normally, power cable for leakage phenomenon. In addition, all rotating parts to install shields; later when commissioning, staff should leave the picking machine, a predetermined signal to be issued by the operator, started trial operations.
2.When the job is carried out ,please do work according to the process. The results of the site must first be filled with peanut peanut seedling feed when feeding port, even when you want to feed; when the job is strictly prohibited within the stone, wood, metal and other hard objects fed machine, in order to avoid damage to the machine and cause accidents; must stop to check a job when there are abnormalities such as hearing voices or find fault; when the job is forbidden put his hand into the inlet, the fan mouth, trash mouth; job when the operator wants to tie the sleeves mouth, lesbians to bring the work of the cap timely troubleshooting, non-sick machine operations; non-picker overworked; after the end of the day to have a professional inspection, adjustment and maintenance. Such as: lubrication, welding and the like; picker roller jam occurs, you should check the amount of feed size, peanut seedling dry humidity, tightness of the motor belt, the power supply voltage; peanut picker pick when you want to adjust without a net roll gap teeth and the bottom of the screen. Hobbing and big screen at the end gap is not easy to pick a net result; when more debris containing peanuts in peanut small fruit has been sucked out when to adjust the suction outlet. Debris a long time down the suction outlet; peanut small fruit are sometimes sucked out, raising the suction outlet.

You can also use it as reference when you select a peanut picker.Hope this will help you.


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