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The Difference Between Flat Die and Ring Die Pellet Machine

2015-12-28  By  xuke
Flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine difference
Pellet machine has main two types : flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine, however, what difference is there between them?
and how do we choose when we buy it? Now let me tell you.
Main difference       
The main difference between flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine primary Lectures:
Flat die pellet machine is easy to clean, because it can enter the granulation chamber in a very short time, we can save a lot of time in the
mold or they wear roller changing. 
The design of flat die pellet machine also decides that it is more suitable in small-scale pellet production especially produce soft raw material.
Ring die pellet machine will not cause uneven die and roller wear, indicating that the cost of repair and maintenance roller and ring mold is
considered to be low. 
The other advantage is ring die pellet machine is more energy efficient
1. Price. Ring die pellet machine machine price is much higher than the flat die pellet machine machine.
2. Capacity. Flat die pellet machine machine range from 100KG / H capacity 2000KG / H. But it has a few machines have a higher capacity.
Although the scope of 800KG / H loop mode granulator from 20 tons / hour.
3. The material, but both can handle animal feed, wood and sawdust particles.
4. Feeding material way. Flat die pellet  machine relies on material own weight entering into pressing chamber vertically, while ring die pellet
machine machine adopts curve feeding trough rolling compression feed and high speed rotating into the compression bin.


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