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Pay Attention To The Slecetion OF Farm Machines

2015-12-22  By  serena
1.The first thing is to understand what are the main producers of the agricultural machinery, select the  bigger enterprise scale because these enterprises’ quality guarantee conditions are strong,
 product quality is relatively stable, and three packs of service is in time. 
In addition to survey others which use this kind of machine before buying, the mechanical performance, quality and after-sales service, and then according to their own uses and capacity to determine the specific type.
2.To check whether the various machinery has quality inspection certificates, product promotion license,packets of maintenance certificate and other certificates. 

Checking whether all the documents and machinery nameplate on the product name of model, main technical parameters, factory number and name of the manufacturer, address, phone number, in case purchase the fake products. 

Then read the instructions carefully, check the instructions on whether the machinery of the accessory tools and the main parts of body.
3.To check the machine appearance. In general, the appearance quality of the products reflect the quality of products to a certain extent, and paying attention to the products without knock against, buying machine before the injury, paint signs and renovation. The welding crack of welding part is smooth and firm, and check whether it leaks of oil and air. Whether the clearance between the parts are consistent and the transmission parts have protective measures are important. 
According to the national laws and regulations, agricultural machinery must have protective measures. When buying machines must choose those who have a reliable protective measures.


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