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Introduction of Continuous Frying Machine

2017-07-21  By  diana
Continuous frying machine is new type food processing equipment through introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, has the features of high fuel efficiency, environmental protection, healthy, practical high-tech. The machine adopts advanced technology of oil-water mixture, thoroughly changed the traditional frying equipment structure. This type frying machine can choose electric heating, heat conduction oil heating, gas, diesel heating type as heating energy.
Continuous Peanut Frying Machine
Technical Analysis of Continuous Fryer Machine
1. Automatic feeding, automatic discharging, automatic mixing, reducing labor and labor intensity;
2. Use temperature control meter, automatic temperature control, without overheating, slows down the cooking oil carbonization speed, inhibit edible oil change cycle, reduce cost of Fried products.
3. Water layer independent temperature control system, adopting natural wind cooling and forced water circulation system, to ensure that the lower water temperature below 80 °, prevent oil spill.
4. Oil-water separation surface is set with a glass tube and oil drain valve testing device. The water can be more accurate.
5. There is over temperature alarm device, equipped with sensor detection device, ensure the operator's safety and allows you to rest assured use.
This series of frying machine is suitable for medium and large enterprises and institutions. The operation is simple, rapid and convenient, is the first choice of frying equipment.


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