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The history of chopsticks 2

2016-01-14  By  jacob
Although the "Legend" is mainly to show the people of the county public understanding of historical events, views and feelings through some historical material, rather than strictly historical events reproduce itself, but Yu in flood accidentally produced the first process using chopsticks chopsticks, so today's people believe this to be true situation. It has made more than a late-bloomer and Da chopsticks legends appear to be more simple and realistic, but also in line with the law of development of things.
Contributed to the birth of chopsticks, the most important opportunity should be cooked hot. Ancient times, because no metal utensils, again due to shorter bones, extremely brittle, difficult process, so readily picked ancestors to fish cooked bamboo grass and twigs. Then in a wilderness environment, material human life in the dense forest grass caves, the most convenient way to trees, bamboo. For this reason, stick, bamboo grass after the time of our ancestors Grilled fiddle, anxious to take hot food when fishing folder. Valley stirring when cooking millet, etc., the prototype of the gradual emergence of chopsticks. This is the inevitable law of development of human beings in a special environment. To study the shape of chopsticks from now. It also features with original bamboo sticks. Even after 4000 years of development, still can not change its original character.
Of course, any legend through the ages people always trade-offs, cut, fictional, exaggerated, rendering even fantasy processed, Yu Chong chopsticks is no exception. It is made chopsticks process gradually groped several thousand people, focused to the typical character who Dayu. In fact, the birth of chopsticks chopsticks should be the collective wisdom of the people, not a person's credit. However, chopsticks may have originated in Yuwang era, after several centuries or even millennia measures cable and popularity, to tableware Shang became widely used.


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