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The history of chopsticks

2016-01-14  By  jacob
Everyone knows that Chinese people use chopsticks since about three thousand years ago. In fact, prior to use chopsticks, our ancestors also experienced a process with the clutch eat. Soup and how to crawl but porridge got it? Then had to take off some of the stems sticks everywhere to help.
Yu and chopsticks
The legend spread in the Northeast. He said that the era of Yao and Shun, floods swamped, Shun Yu ordered to flood control. Dayu enjoined the people vowed to remove the risk of floods, so three past his home without. His days and nights and fierce storms water fight, let alone the rest, is to eat, sleep can not bear to delay a single minute.
Once, Yu sailed to an island, hungry, they set up a pottery pot meat. After the water boiled meat, because hot food can not be with the clutch. Yu do not want the meat pan to cool and wasted time, he wants to get ahead of the peak and flood control, so I cut the meat from the soup in two branches clip out, eat up. Since then, in order to save time, Yu always branches, bamboo grass from boiling the wok fishing food. This can save the time to subdue the flood. So over time, Yu trained skilled use of a thin stick food gripping ability. Men who see him eat, neither hot nor cause contamination greasy hands, so to follow suit, and thus gradually formed the prototype of chopsticks.
To be continued…


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