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Thankful to the drying machine

2016-01-18  By  pierce
Today I’m very honored to share some good machine with anyone who is searching this page. And I will take several minutes to introduce the benefits and advantages to you.
The machine has done a big favor for me in those gone days. And I was, is, and will be forever  very grateful to that machine.
The machine adopts far-infrared heating tubes arranged uniformly in the oven;
The machine adopts two parts heating tubes independent controlled in the belt, the operator can according to the need to open or close the heating tubes.
The fan in the oven can ensure the temperature in the cabinet well distributed
The machine adopts the electronic grade variable transmission, the speed of the motor is stable and adjustable, and the adjusting range is extensive, when the dry goods go through the 80centimeters drying tunnel, the slowest speed is up to 50-60 seconds.
The machine can work continuously for more than 8 hours, long life, low noise
There are special designed finishing platform at the entrance; and there are damper regulator at the entrance and exist, these can ensure the heat stability.
The conveyor belt is stainless steel mesh belt, the other parts adopt advanced electrostatic spraying, easy to clean, no rust.
The package is excellent the machine adopts export level fumigation-free packing plate, the transportation is very convenient.
The application is widely, and it can be applied to various need heating drying products.
So, you can order this kind of machine on this website or you can search more and even you can contact us directly to get more specific technological parameters.
Drying Machine


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