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What is Roll Kneading Machine and the Rule of Using It

2015-12-24  By  noaman
The roll kneading machine is using the principle of physical impact, let the meat turning up and down inside the cylinder, collisions, throw, to massage, curing effect. Rolling kneading machine can make uniform absorption pickled meat, it can improve the node force of meat and flexibility  of product; can improve product flavor and cross-section; can increase water retention, increase the rate of production; improve the internal structure of products, energy saving and high efficiency. Rolling machine can be divided into categories: vacuum roll kneading machine, self suction vacuum roll kneading machine, automatic vacuum roll kneading machine, partial mouth type vacuum roll kneading machine, vacuum roll kneading machine, inverter and other types of vacuum roll kneading machine.
We have got what is rolling kneading machine, while we using it ,we must follow the rule of it to make sure safety moves.
1 Roller kneading machine feeding: open the vacuum pump, in the reach of a certain negative pressure, the suction pipe is connected to the suction.
2 vacuum pump and vacuum degree.
3 Control the running time, the roller kneading machine has a special time set button, you can set up according to different needs. Make it play the greatest efficiency. Time from seconds to hours of different settings.
4 We can control the rolling time on the panel to set the rolling time, rolling and kneading machine will have a certain interval, can be customized according to different needs. Convenient and simple. Time and working hours are set up respectively, with separate time control buttons.
5 Will control the layout of the knob to "run", the vacuum pump and the pneumatic knob to "open", the machine starts by setting the way.
6 After the end of the work to stop the work of the rolling machine, rotating control panel of the knob to the stop position can be, if set up the working time, after working hours, the machine will automatically stop running.
7 Work is the tail of the work is out of material cleaning, until the pressure balance between the drum and the drum, the drum will be released, the material will be released, the equipment for cleaning, use professional cleaning agent with water for cleaning. Finally clean with water.


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