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How much is the development of vacuum packaging machinery market?

2015-12-22  By  diana
Global vacuum packaging machinery industry trade volume has been increasing  for many years, the first half of 2010 has reached 15 billion euros. Because of the 08 year of the financial crisis, the demand for the last year, the trade volume has been affected, in 2009 the export volume of about 2 billion euros, down 1/4 in 2008. But this year's demand has been strong.
Now vacuum packaging machinery varieties, short innovation cycle, the new function can meet the highest health requirements, so the vacuum packaging machine manufacturers has to be highly innovative  in the design so that can be  invincible in the fierce market competition. Rather than blindly catering to the appetite of consumers crazy to fight the price of vacuum packaging machine. Price war will undoubtedly bring harm to consumers and manufacturers, as well as the entire industry will suffer. Therefore, the development of vacuum packaging machine industry must take a long-term development of the road.
Food industry is undoubtedly a very strong economic part of the world, investment is very high, therefore, the food packaging industry is a very big market. This industry has the largest buyer of vacuum packaging machinery, has a share of nearly 70%, followed by electronic products, such as IC, chip, circuit board, the purchase of this industry accounted for 20% of the total amount of vacuum packaging machinery.


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