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Protect the Motor of Potato Starch Processing Line

2015-12-22  By  wendy
Potato starch has been in compliance with international standards on green food. and has been applied in food, medical,chemical and petroleum industries.The motor of the potato starch production line machinery should be maintained regularly.
Motor is the core of POTATO STARCH PRODUCTION LINE machinery which should be carefully maintained after operation. Following we talk about how to maintain potato starch production line machinery.In daily operation, we should regularly check and maintain the motor of the maize processing machinery. In annual maintenance, we should demount the motor, clean, lubricate and change the bearings to make sure the motor operate in a good condition. During operation, we should strictly implement rules, check the motor regularly and observe to guarantee timely disposal of the motor.It can be used for emulsification, thicker, stabilization, swell, excipient and so on. And it is as well widely used in food, pharmacy, chemical and dairy industries and so forth.
During maintenance of motor of potato starch production line machinery, we should make sure all the parameters adhere to the technical requirements, strictly controlling quality of changeable parts and vanished wires. The workers should correctly operate each process to prevent potential accidents and increase operation quality of the motor. 
Potato starch content:
1. Whiteness: 90% up.
2. Moisture: 18 - 20%.
3. Protein: 0.2% max.
4. Fineness: 99%min, passing 100 mesh.



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