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Trends of Condiment Industry's Development

2016-11-23  By  admin
 Analysis on ten trends of condiment industry's development.
    Trend one:The tide of bankrupt and merger.
    Trend two:The speed of going public and financing.
    Trend three:A shuffle period has come to the industry,the concentration ratio of brands will be higher.
    Trend four:Compound seasoning rise suddenly,but still exist technical risks.
    Trend five:Food security is the first element that enterprises' survival matters.
    Trend six:The industry has entered into the time of high price.
    Trend seven:Get back to the traditional process to make the traditional enterprises return revitalizing.
    Trend eight:Capital is still what troubles enterprises of middle or small scale.
    Trend nine:New positions and patterns of factory-trader relationship will come into being.
    Trend ten:Channel fragmentation,the pressure of input and output.
Only by making products be of high quality and fineness,concentrating more and more attention,taking consumers' demands as the direction and establishing the ability of creating can the condiment enterprises get bigger and stronger.


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