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The Market of Food Packing Industry

2016-12-12  By  leo
  The industry of foods and beverages has become the biggest buyer in packing market.
  The rising trend of global packing machinery market is becoming obvious:the quantity of the world's packing machines has been constantly increasing for many years.With the lead of burgeoning market,the sales volume of year 2015 exceeded 40 billion.Although global manufacturing factories are decreasing productivity,there are still about half of the enterprises plan to increase the cost of producing equipment.
  To present packing industry,automation is very important as the main trend.
  Automation is a omnibus technology,it has very intimate relationship with controlling theory,information theory,systems engineering,computer technology,electronics, hydraulic pressure technology and automatic control,etc.And among them,controlling theory and computer technology have stronger influence to automation technology,With the constant development and improvement if technology,the appearance of various medicine and foods process has brought new challenges to packing technology and equipment.Automatic packing technology are playing a more and more important role in circulation domain.


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