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Something about Potatoes

2017-01-05  By  admin
  Potatoes are the main material of making potato chips or french fries.We all know that these snacks taste very delicious,but there are things we don't know about potatoes.
  Potatoes are also called solanum tuberosum,which belong to the solanaceae perennial herbaceous plants.The tubers of potatoes are edible.They are possessed of balanced nutrition and are one of the most ideal foods for human beings.Potatoes are the third important grain crops in the world,only ranking next to wheat and corn,near rice.
  The earliest artificial cultivation of potatoes can date back to 8000 years to 5000 years ago B.C. in south  area of Peru.From there,potatoes started to spread to South America.And with Spanish conquesting the Inca Empire,potatoes were taken to Europe by Spanish.And after that,they got discovered by European adventurers and colonists,then spreaded to the world.In the early period of spreading into Europe,the measure of consumption wasn't quite large.But as the population raised to become crowded in the 19s,potatoes became the most important food and crop.


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