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Some Knowledge We Need to Know about the Traps of Consumption

2016-11-17  By  leo
  Where there is popularity,there is market.Where there is market,there is traps of consumption.Some merchants use the chance that many consumers know little about the products.To avoid the traps,it will be better if we get to know some knowledge of relative common food industrial technology.Meanwhile we can spend proper money to buy safe commodities.
  For example,some merchants sell milk in the name of pasteurization.But actually,the milk is processed by high temperature.High-temperature processing doesn't mean no need for the cold-chain transportation and storage.But this milk is stored on the condition of low temperature.This situation can be easily found out by insider people but not common consumers.
  About processing oil,there are mainly two methods:squeezing and lixiviation.The former one is based on the force of pressure,this method has no chemical additions.It's safe,healthy and natural.The nutrition.But the later one takes the pattern of 6# light petrol soaking.This method is bad for consumers' health.But many producers won't make obvious marks on products.So the trap won't be easily discovered by consumers.
  Expect for the above two phenomenon,there are many various traps existing in the market.What we consumers should do is to learn more and be careful.


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