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How To Choose Good Duck Gizzard Peeling Machine

2016-03-21  By  alex
The Basic Classification Of Slaughtering Enterprises In Our Country According To The Degree Of Mechanization Application Of Slaughtering Enterprises, At Present Our Country Of Livestock And Poultry Slaughtering And Meat Processing Industry Enterprise Level Basic Is Divided Into Three Types: A Group Is A Large-Scale, Modern Joint Meat Processing, Such As The 2004 Included In The Scope Of The National Bureau Of Statistics Of Enterprises Above Designated Size 2155, Represents The Main Body Of Our Country Industrialization Meat Processing;Especially Shuanghui, Yurun, Jin Luo, Dozens Of Companies Such As Idris, Imported The Most Advanced Production Lines, Modern Production Level Is Higher, In The Enterprise Management, Technology And Equipment, Production Capacity, Product Varieties, Etc, Has The Very Strong Competitive Power, Reached The International Advanced Level. Second, The Small And Medium-Sized Slaughterhouses, This Part About 20000 Enterprises, Mainly Is The Mechanization And Semi-Mechanization Slaughter, Is Characterized By Low Production, Local Sales. Three Is The Manual Slaughtering Enterprises, Production Is Very Small, Local Sales.Overall Meat Industrialization Level Is Relatively Low In Our Country, Most Enterprises The Backward Equipment. Slaughter Processing Equipment Present Situation In Our Country Pig Slaughtering Equipment In China Started In The 1950 S, Is The Former Soviet Union Introduced Pig Slaughtering Equipment Developed Gradually.60-70 - S Of The Last Century, Under The Leadership Of The Ministry Of Commerce, Wuhan, Tianjin, Yanzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, Fuyang In Meat Actively Carry Out Technical Innovation, Has Developed Many Pig Slaughter Processing Equipment, Such As Hot Pig Machine, Shaving Machine, Bridge Type Spiral Chainsaw, Pigs, Peeling Machine, Head Hoof Shaving Machine And Some By-Product Cleaning Machines.Pig Slaughtering And Processing Equipment And Technology In China At That Time, Close To The World Level Of Developed Countries, But In The Past 40 Years, Due To The Competent Department Of Industry Change For Many Times, All Meat And Suffered 1985 Pig Unloosening Management Of Severe Impact, Bringing To A Halt The Industry Technology Innovation.Despite The Development And Use Of Automatic Scalding During Shaving Device, But Failed To Get Rid Of The Secondary Pollution Problem Of Pig Carcass.


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