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What you should Attention When Using Frying Machine

2016-04-08  By  diana
A, The quality requirements 
1, Material 304 stainless steel 
2, Power 42 kw 
3, Automatic temperature control, temperature can be set system can be adjusted freely between 0-300 ℃ 
4, Machine appearance size 2200 * 700 * 900 mm 
5, Equipped with four fry basket on the machine. 
6, Heat up quickly, easy to operate, clean sanitation, durable 

Second, the use method 
1, Connect the power cord to knife switches, and check the power cord in good condition 
2, Add water in frying machine to endoscopic third, add oil to 100 mm can frying machine department (or add to scale) 
3, Open the heating switch, to set the temperature to temperature (160 degrees c), at this time after 15 to 30 minutes to reach the set temperature. 
4, Will need Fried raw materials into the fry basket, hands clasped fry basket with wooden handle slowly into the oil pool, cooking time is about 1 to 2 minutes 
5, Lift the fry basket drain a little bit about the oil, then pour into deoiling machine step into the next process 

3. The matters needing attention 
1, The machine should be reliable grounding, and regularly check the power cord machine screws have without exception or loose 
2, Frying oil temperature as high temperature, it is strictly prohibited in the process of work reached into the machine, so as to avoid burns 
3, Must cut off power supply when maintenance or inspection machine 
4, Electrical heat pipe are strictly forbidden to lack of oil use, otherwise it will damage the heating tube 


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