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Effect and Preservation Method of Peanut Candy

2016-02-26  By  alex
Peanut candy machine is clean with peanuts, sugar, liquid glucose, (i.e. chemical cerealose). Summer climate is humid and hot. Peanut candy is prone to sand adhesion or mildew, not for production. Peanut crisp sweet sugar, high quality and inexpensive, is one of the most favorite food consumers.
Basic information
1.Protect the cardiovascular system
Peanut candy peanut high nutritional value, contains riboflavin, not high and fatty acids and so on, can play a role in cardiovascular protection.
2.Lower cholesterol
Peanut candy, peanuts, eat peanuts can promote the body to break down bile acids, to help promote excretion, play a role in reducing cholesterol.
3.Complementary energy
Peanut sugar, fat and sugar content is higher, suitable for low blood sugar and other emergency situations, can quickly add energy.
Purchase skills
Good peanut candy square, the particles to complete and uniform, smooth and bright, the side of the visible peanut kernel particles. Sugar and peanuts are crisp and delicate, yellow valley; no soft phenomenon; taste sweet, crisp, salty, no smell.
Save tips
Peanut candy sealed in a cool and dry place to save, moisture under the hot weather prone sugar sand adhesion or mildew.
Edible method
Peanut candy can peel edible, crisp and sweet, is a kind of delicious snacks.


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