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Do you know the Benefits of Peanuts?

2016-02-19  By  admin
Peanut is known as "peanut", to eat peanuts, there are 5 major benefits to health. Boiled peanuts, peanut soup, Deep-Fried Peanuts...... Peanut nutritious, inexpensive. Often eat peanuts have the following benefits:
1.Control the appetite
Peanuts are "highly saturated" foods that can make you feel fuller, or longer. The peanut's high sense of fullness is not only the cause of fat, dietary fiber and protein content, if you eat peanuts or peanut butter at breakfast, you can reduce the amount of food that day.
2.Reduce salt
Savory snacks are usually high salt foods. But the salt content of salty peanut, even less than the same weight of sliced bread, Bing Donghua waffles. Therefore, the salty peanut can not only satisfy you love to eat salty, not easily lead to excessive intake of salt.
3.Stable blood sugar
The study found that if people change a red meat in the diet to peanuts, the risk of diabetes will be reduced by 21%. Peanuts will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, eat some peanuts in the morning, your day will not be too high blood sugar.
4.Keep your heart healthy
Eat peanuts more people, the risk of coronary heart disease can be reduced by 35%. Researchers believe that the fatty acid composition of peanuts, coupled with the role of other ingredients, can reduce the content of low density lipoprotein, so that the heart is more healthy.
5.Reduce colon cancer risk
Women who ate at least two times a week had a 58% lower risk of colon cancer, and of the men who ate at least two times a week had a 27% lower risk. Scientists analyze, which is the effect of folic acid and other anti-cancer nutrients in peanuts.


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