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Development strategy and Countermeasures of poultry slaughter equipment in China

2016-01-08  By  noaman
 China's poultry slaughtering equipment total development strategic target should be is in learning foreign advanced technology and summary of the practical experience of the foundation, as soon as possible to improve and development in line with China's national conditions and the development of poultry industry to adapt, technology level at or near abroad in the same period advanced level of poultry slaughtering equipment. At the same time to meet the upgrading of the old plant equipment, the development of high-tech automation poultry processing production line.
The processing capacity of complete sets of equipment should be based on the development of the poultry industry in our country. In the short term, we should give priority to in order to meet the needs supporting per hour 2000-4000 poultry slaughtering production line, fully serviced block lacked equipment, in 2010 years ago built 1 to 2 per hour 5000 production automatic machinery of poultry slaughtering production line.
Itemized research, fill in the blanks. The first complete semi automatic segmentation automatic weighing equipment, grading equipment, in order to satisfy the need of supporting. And then gradually developed the automatic reverse hook chain equipment, automatic net bore joint operation device, automatic segmentation system, automatic packaging system, composed of fully automatic mechanization slaughter production line.
Research and development of new slaughter process, promote the development of new products. Research new stun method, develop spray dip hot process and the best dehairing and dehairing parameters, use spray or wet pre cooling, on poultry slaughterhouse by-products (feathers, blood and viscera, etc.), in addition to the processed into protein feed to study on the comprehensive utilization of new technology.
The development strategy of poultry slaughtering equipment in China to take countermeasures for the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and according to the conditions of improved combination; intensify efforts in technological transformation equipment manufacturing sector; as soon as possible relevant departments formulate industry standards, and strive to improve the degree of three poultry slaughtering equipment; the introduction of poultry slaughtering equipment strictly, macro regulation and control.


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