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The love in the donut

2016-01-18  By  pierce
I want to share the love story in my childhood about the dount. We have met a lot of kinds of donut machine in our daily life. Every kinds of them can offer the delicious and flavor donut to us in the early morning when we get up early to go to school as a little boy. Just because of the common use of it we may unconsciously ignore it-we don’t notice the benefits it offers to us while our mothers cooked in the kitchen room . Now, it is time for us, whoever you are or he is, to pay the most of the attention to the necessary and important thing in our house.

I believe most of us have had lots of donuts since we were young. I still remember the day when I went to school without eating anything because of the lack of  power. So, I was very hungry in the classroom. Then, my mother appeared with some donut. You can imagine how surprised I was to saw my mother and the delicious donut. I was deeply touched by the love in the dount.

The improvement in the field of cooking has bring us the benefits of having more healthy and convenient food. In some way, we should be grateful to this gift from the scientist.

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