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15 Barbecue Tips You Have To Know

2015-12-17  By  Katherine

Whether in hot summer or cold winter, barbecue are always popular. Millions of meat lovers are venturing outdoors to grill succulent pork, beef, chicken, and other delicious types of animal flesh. People like barbecue in the street or go to a barbecue shop, or sometimes at home. The main street barbecue and outdoor charcoal grill is used, but at home, using a common electric barbecue grill or gas grill and so on. Today let's share some tips about barbecue. I hope we can bring a little assistance.
1. Wash everything after handling raw meat, and don’t reuse the plate that you used for uncooked meat.
2. Have a spray bottle full of water nearby your grill in cause of flare-ups.
3. Different barbecue sauces are suitable for different foods, sweet sauce for squid, cuttlefish, tomato sauce for potato chips, carrot sauce for many inventory taste food.
4. Pay special attention to food hygiene, do not eat raw foods. Beware of scald. Eating burnt food can increase the risk of cancer.
5. Better use Gas Grill to grill corn or gizzards.
6. Don’t leave the meat out in room temperature for longer than one hour. This will make bacteria grow at an exponential rate, plus it will make the meat less fresh. If you need to thaw out meat, do so overnight or all day in the refrigerator.
7. Use long chopsticks to turn food when grilled barbecue instead of your hands.
8.Quick and easy way to grill large vegetables such as potatoes and ears of corn: coat heavily in butter, sprinkle on some seasoned salt, wrap securely in aluminum foil, and throw it on the grill.
9. Pay attention to carbon-carbon should wait until the new add extinguished after a complete barbecue, because the carbon did not complete in time extinguished easy to produce harmful gases.
10. Using fish folder with you are ready to grill fish. If you are using Apple furnace, grilled outside in addition, you also can enjoy the stew, baked and smoked the fun. Gas grill to extinguish charcoal placed around the carbon plate, close the lid can stew, chunks of food, as well as vegetable stew and so appropriate, but to control the time.
11.Use these cooking times for grilled fish: Salmon fillets, 6 – 8 minutes per side; Salmon or halibut steaks, 5 minutes per side; Trout fillets, 4 minutes per side; Small whole fish, 7 minutes per side; and Large fish, minutes per side. If your whole fish are stuffed, give it a few extra minutes per side.
12.Use these general cooking times for grilled chicken: Breasts and wings, 15 – 20 minutes; Thighs and legs, 30 minutes; Chicken halves, 40 – 45 minutes; Whole chicken, 75 – 90 minutes.
13. Try to put the chicken to the middle of the oven, grilled skewers process to change the location to ensure that a whole string of meat to be cooked simultaneously.
14. Do not brush the oil for just grilled meat until the food grilled hot, tighten and then brush the oil, other foods can be grilled on the brush midnight oil.
15. To reduce the amount of browning or blackening of meat, only apply barbecue or other tomato-based sauces containing sugars during the last 10 or so minutes of grilling.


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