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Global food packaging machinery market currency.

2015-12-17  By  Jacob
Food packing is one of the most vital part of food industry, and this already be a common sense of people. A green and health food not only must focus on crop environment on farm, but should keep an eyes on food packing. So quality and plastic packaging box efficient packaging equipment can not only enhance the degree of automation industry, but the improvement of work efficiency.
According to professionals, packaging machinery and packaging materials can be divided in many different kinds according to the standard used. In supply mode, it can be divided into semi-automatic packaging machinery and packaging machinery; in the use of the packaging division, it can be divided into general packaging machines, packaging machines and special combined packaging design packaging machine; While packaging types can be divided according to the packaging machines and packaging machines.

According to one research, the future will be in technical development efforts towards the following four directions:
First, clear plastic packaging the structural design standardization, modular design using the original model, the new models can be converted in a short time.
Second, the structure of high precision plastic box movement. Structural design and structural packaging company motion control related to the merits of the mechanical plastic trays properties of packaging, through the motor, encoder and numerical control (NC), dynamic load control (PLC) high-precision controller to complete and appropriate to do product extension, packaging equipment towards the high-tech plastic packaging design industry to develop.
Third, intelligent control. Controller is the mechanical brain, that is the main action commands issued equipment, packaging machinery manufacturers now commonly used PLC controller, although PLC very flexible, but still not as computers (including software) have powerful. Future Packaging Machinery must have multi-functional, simple adjustment operation conditions, computer-based intelligent food packaging machinery equipment will become the new plastic packaging trend of the controller.      
Fourth, the mechanical function of diversity. At present, the business has tended to refined products, clamshell packaging diversification, therefore, has a variety of switching functions of packaging machinery market demand for larger.
Currently, packaging vacuum tray box already lead the increasingly competition in global packaging machinery, industry experts suggest that the future should be compatible with industrial automation trend towards R&D technology, More energy-saving and environment-friendly packing method should be used in the last ten to fifteen years.


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