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About Peanut Powder Machine

2017-07-25  By  Alex
This peanut natural powder milling equipment is proper for crushing essential oil material(like soybean,peanut,almond,sesame rapeseed,espresso legumes,cocoa legumes).
Peanut Powder Making Machine
All types of oil materials go into the curler region,even though several squeeze in between the indirect roller and action roller to obtain the best crushing. This device is the cool product soon after my organization has become better the previous equipment for several's working smothly without any sound.

Peanut powder making device can smash peanut and aesame consistently, sizeable capacity. This equipment will by no means create oils along with the resources absolutely don't adhesive the appliance.Sesame natural powder is even and good.You don't have to bother about inventory oxidization on account of crushing volume can't keep up with.particularly suited to peanut and sesame's big crushing.this device has stuffed a blank in our country's sesame milling industry,to obtain the advanced levels at home overseas presently.

All kinds of oils material enter into the roller region,though a number of pull in between the indirect curler and activity curler to have the perfect crushing.Diverse milling fineness can adapt the space from the activety roller.The complete machine adopts top quality stainless steel 304 which is easy procedure ,lower sound,substantial's the ideal devices of essential oil fabric crushing.

Features of Automatic Peanut Powder Grinding Machine
1. It is with features of easy operation,hight output,no oil,etc.It has several models for choosing by the user.if you take off the grinder and roller ,then the final product is peanut particle.
2.The fineness can attain to 40-60m, with no greasy. If only use hob, separate roller then can process particles 3-6mm.
3. Particular resource form of the peanut grinder equipment make crushing materials fasterly, also can make peanut particles, although.
4. Mutifunctional,not only can mill peanut powder.
5. Basic operation, simple to use, higher deliver, can be a into powder, non greasy.
6. Made from stainless durable, steel and sanitary, simple to clean and maintain.


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