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The startled facts about sugar

2016-01-18  By  pierce
I’m sure you probably have a lot of questions about sugar:
Is sugar THAT bad for you?Fruit has sugar! Is fruit bad for you?Are certain kinds of sugar better or worse for you?Can you really get addicted to sugar?
What about sugar alternatives that are used in drinks like Diet Coke?  What about natural sweeteners?
Depending on your genetic predisposition, your body might be better equipped to process sugar as energy, or you might be more likely to store it as fat.  Think of this like you think of people with faster metabolisms vs. people with slower metabolisms.
Problem is, there’s a LOT more room for fat storage, and a lot less room to burn the sugar as energy.
We love the idea of making personalised sugar ‘cubes’ to add to a pretty side plate next to your tea at a tea party, or even place on top of a buttercream topped cupcake.
First Impressions Moulds have created a fantastic video tutorial how to create sugar cubes that we just had to share with you all!
Due to the high quality of the silicone First Impressions Moulds are made with, they can be used to mould all sorts of mediums from Chocolate, Gelatin, Sugarpaste to Soap, Polymer Clay and even dog treats!
With 100’s of First Impressions Moulds to choose from you can create unique sugar cubes for any holiday celebration or themed party and can even colour your sugar using a gel colour.
Now, do you want to make the cube sugar by your hands? If so, just contact us. We can make your dream come true.


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