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The Love Story of Walnut

2016-01-21  By  jacob
In ancient China, Chinese people are full of imagination, so there are lots of beautiful stories in China, Below is the Love story of walnut, these two youth’s love story is very touching, and also combines  the characters of walnuts.

According to legend, a long time ago in Yi stockade fortress, a pair of call Agou Vera youth fell in love with the, they often secretly dating in "one line sky," the edge of the cliff a beautiful peach woods, kind-hearted, simple Agou is an orphan, beautiful peach blossom like pistachio is a village headman's daughter. Agulian between a decent house all have no, but "I swear to you in the peach orchard built a cabin of two of my love only belongs to".

A poor family abandon Agou not agree with his contacts, also put a copycat to marry another person. On the first day of the month married night, Agou and a compact open ". Tight cuddle together jumped out of peach

Flower forest next to the "a day", a "we never tell Agou apart."

Next year, the peach blossom forest of peach is not, but hard shelled walnuts (people), like two arms tightly embrace together people, more like two embracing of the butterfly, they said that is Agou and pistachio into, they can not be separated, will live in the hard shell love cottage. Later, people put the fruit called "The Nutcracker". Also called "nuclear (combined) peach."
Walnut may not really be like this story, but the story shows the love combined with the story.


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