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Are you eating cube sugar everyday?

2016-01-18  By  pierce
Everything is made of carbohydrate, and we can also call it sugar. So, do you know how much sugar you eat everyday?
Getting down to the basics, sugar is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates, essential components of our diet that come in many different forms, are converted to glucose giving us energy. We are often consuming more than we think. Curious how much sugar we are actually consuming? Here’s the breakdown, plain and simple…in terms of sugar cubes.
Want to calculate how many cubes you are consuming? Divide the grams of sugar listed in the nutrition information label by 2.3 and you’ll know how many cubes you’re potentially crunching on.
Maple syrup, honey, and white sugar vary in amount of sugars, with honey beating the other two. While honey and maple syrup are the better natural choices over processed white sugar (maple syrup has some calcium and potassium), they are still concentrated sources of sweetness.
Orange juice versus the orange. While a cup of orange juice is a quick way to get some Vitamin C and quench your thirst, eating an orange provides you with fiber, fewer calories, and fewer grams of sugar.
And finally, one banana versus one date. While they are both packed with vitamins and minerals, one tiny little date has more sugar than one entire banana. They are both great snacks, it just depends on how much chewing you want to do.
All in all, we need carbohydrates to survive. Consuming them from whole foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is the best way because you get vitamins, minerals, and fiber versus the empty calories you get from drinking soda. This chart is here as a guide for your future sugar decisions.
Need some inspiration? Here are a handful of recipes sweetened with oranges, maple syrup, grapes, and bananas.
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