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The Production Process of Cooked Meat Products Processing

2016-01-15  By  noaman
Meat processing should be according to the characteristic of the product, we formulate formula, process planning, post and responsibility system of equipment operation and sanitation and disinfection system. Adhere to achieve "six to".
One to check facilities and equipment. Check the contact of raw and semi-finished products and finished products equipment, utensils and containers to clean and normal state, and there are obvious signs. The tools used in each process, before or after the use of containers to be cleaned and disinfected.
Two to clean raw meat. Used for the production of meat must be cleaned, glabrous, no blood, no foreign body; no deterioration, smell of raw materials and accessories into the production and use. The product should be used in enteroclysis animal casings scrub clean, remove odor.
Three to prevent cross contamination of food raw materials and (or) semi-finished products and finished products. Strictly according to the process of operation, processing of semi-finished products in a timely manner to prevent unreasonable stacking and retention. Food raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products should be stored separately.
Four to regulate the behavior of the operator. In the process of processing, the operator at any time to clean up their jobs and their surrounding pollutants and waste, contact with cooked products should use disposable gloves, and hand washing. The raw materials and semi-finished products processing personnel in contact with the end product, should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected hand, and replace the work clothes.
Fifth, the correct use of food additives. The use of food additives should be "four specific and accurate" (special custody, special use, special account registration, counter storage, accurate measurement), and earnestly implement the record, publicity system. Prohibition of ultra range, ultra standard use of food additives.
Six should pay attention to control temperature. Temperature control of each process should be followed to prevent or reduce the principle of microbial growth and reproduction. The temperature of refrigerated food should be in 0 ~ 7 DEG C; frozen food should be in - 18 DEG C; sterilization temperature should be above the center temperature of 70 DEG C; preserved meats between room temperature should be controlled in 2 to 4 DEG C. Good data record.


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